Visual FX – Team Lead

Job Description

We require talented men and women who show exceptional understanding of fluid and particle simulations. The position offers a chance to work in a creative environment and generate particle and fluid effects for children’s animated TV series, Feature Films, Theme Parks and Games. We are all set to welcome artists who will contribute with their skills and provide ideas for creating stunning visuals.


Create effects for assigned shots using Maya/Houdini, ensuring continuity and flow within and between shots and sequences.

Work with Lead Effects Artist to ensure that all individually assigned Effects deliverables are completed fully and in line with production schedule and Director’s overall vision.

Remain current and up-to-date in effects techniques through industry research and training.


Good working knowledge of Maya FX tools and Houdini.

Ability to Script utilities/tools/plug-ins in various software packages would be a plus.

Self-motivation, good communication skills, and a great team-player attitude

Bachelor's degree or equivalent Diploma in Computer Science, Computer Visualization, or Computer Animation required.

At least 6+ years’ experience as a FX Artist for TV series / Feature / video games.

The role of the FX technical director requires a thorough understanding of software design and the use of scripting languages such as Python and C++.

Specific to animation for visual effects, this position requires proficiency with rigid body and particle dynamics, volume modeling, fluid and gas algorithms, and geometry generation.

As this position is both artistic and technical, the individual must have an educational background that includes computer science, computer animation, as well as the advanced mathematics.

Additionally, the role of the technical director demands a person with strong communication and problem-solving skills.

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