Rigging – Artist

Job Description

Under the supervision of the Rigging Supervisor, the Rigging Artist is responsible for the construction of rigs for 3D characters, vehicles and props, and develops animation et rigging tools. He is responsible for creating animation interfaces that meet technical requirements and the artistic vision of the project.


Create rigs for 3D characters and animals models using MAYA with a focus on the quality of distortions.

Create rigs for 3D vehicles and props for film production.

Work with the Supervisor and Animation Director to create rigs that are suitable for animation.

Maintain timing and production quotas given by the coordination team and the Supervisor.

Execute the corrections requested by the Supervisor and the Director by showing an analytic mind.

Work with the Supervisor to ensure the integration and maintenance of configurations.

Organize work and prepare presentation elements for approval.

Communicate and seek information if necessary.

Maintain a good team dynamics.


College diploma or equivalent in 3D computer graphics / 3D animation specialization.

Minimum one (1) year of working experience in character models rigging with MAYA, in a film production environment / animation TV series or visual effects.

Skills in facial animation preferably.

Strong sense of anatomy.

Strong knowledge of traditional animation techniques and characters movement principles.

Experience with PYTHON is a plus.

Strong mastering of MAYA rigging tools especially for the creation of joints and skeletons, skinning and weighting, IK configuration, blend shapes and deformers, nodes dependency.

Be comfortable with a LINUX / UNIX environment.

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