Xentrix Toons

XENTRIX, the fastest growing animation studio in AUSTRALASIA, now with studios in India, Philippines, Singapore and Australia. We specialize in serivces for high-end CGI animation, traditional 2D animation and gaming projects.

Our studios are driven by a very close knit management team who are all industry veterans, world-class infrastructure, LA-based sales and client management team, a comprehensive in-house pipeline, and a very committed crew for personnel.


Our Projects

Jar Dwellers
Sophie and David find, release, nurture and try to protect strange creatures released from glass jars discovered in a secret laboratory under their school. Unfortunately, headmaster Van Riceberger and his lab assistant, Chang are after the creatures with their ill-fated Jar Trackers.
The Slimy Saga of Gutlands Gulch
When new arrivals, good, bad or worse arrive on the stagecoach and set the town of Gutlands Gulch out of whack it is the job of Deputy Dylan to restore order and balance before the next stage arrives.
Streetball is soccer for night time gladiators. Teams compete in secret underground locations under extreme circumstances to climb to the top of the league. The game is the city's worst kept secret – it's not strictly legal but it's not strictly illegal either. To win is to achieve fame and fortune, through hushed whispers during the day and roaring praise in matches at night. The league attracts players of every creed, and it's a place where misfits thrive.
The Futzees
On the planet FOOTZ, just beyond the reach of earth’s gravitational pull, the FUTZees kick off their new rule breaking ball season inside the domed stadium of dreams.
Sandy Trapp
On his way to becoming a world Junior Golf champion, Sandy enrols in the Intergalactic Open where he needs to play on the best courses in the universe. Luckily his golf bag is loaded with performance enhancing surprises.
SPROCKETS celebrates the fun of extreme sports through the magic of TECHNOMORPHS, which are bikes, wheelchairs, scooters and skateboards that can morph into souped up, animal powered vehicles! The show follows our hero, LEAH, as she competes with her squad to work their way to the top of the TECHNOMORPHIC CIRCUIT.
Little Thunder Cloud
An innocent cloud becomes a climate change warrior using its inherent powers to save creatures and children from weather extremes and new global challenges.
How do you sell cute and cuddly to a world that wants Superheroes,War Games and Princesses? How do you compete with mobile phones, selfies, SnapChat TikTok and YouTube videos? The team at Koalarama try everything and fail un_l one of them becomes an accidental social media sensa_on and turns their fortunes around. Keeping up with demand is another story.
On a strange Scottish island on a strange Loch between two ancient castles lives a magical Ferret known as Fergus. He holds the answers to the whereabouts of the feuding family’s fortunes and needs all of his canny powers to resist the traps to get him to reveal those answers. Unfortunately, he has little will power, a selective memory and a strange way of giving clues. Everyone wants to be his buddy.
CheckOut Chelsea
The local supermarket is a microcosm of the world as Chelsea deals with the weird staff and precious customers on her way to buying her first guitar and fulfilling her Rockstar dream.
Noah Flood searches for his plumbing investigating grandpa, Dan Dann P.I., after a confluence of rain, tide and half time flushing sets off a torrent of terror which floods the pipes and drains of their seaside town.
Billboard Boy
Two siblings’ battle to survive strange adventures after they are transported into the tempting world inside advertising posters.
Reza's Rides
Rezza’s daily ride of insecurity is enhanced by a junkyard filled with outdated carnie rides that have a mind of their own and mysterious worlds within their deceptive exteriors.
Monster Chef
In a crazy sendup of the long running cooking series, MonsterChef turns up the heat on the the blending, basting, baking and broiling of contestants, ingredients and final plating of the champions, challengers and celebrities. Strange ingredients with a drizzle of satire produce some very funny moments with 15 seconds left on the clock.